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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


While I was surfing through one of the websites I like to traffic frequently, I stumbled across something rather interesting. The site in question is one of the rare gems of the internet known as On this site, presented for all to see, are the talks and presentations of the greatest minds of our time.

The paticular video I came across was a very short one that was titled 'Keep your goals to yourself'. If you have not figured out why this perked my interest, I will now remind you that you are reading my blog; basically post upon post of me blathering on about my goals for the world to read.

The funny thing is, despite writing all these posts - I agree with a lot that the video had to say. The only real contradictions between this video and my own writings that I can find are the scale of the goals presented - where as without actually doing what I have promised myself I will, I can partake in very little of the satisfaction it offers.

Decide for yourself after watching it, but I clearly remember telling people I was going to run a half marathon back in May, felt good thinking I was going to do it - then never really 'got around to it'.

They say self improvement is masturbation, as it feels so good - but apparently telling people about how you're going to do it equivilates to arousal. Sorry for the imagery!

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