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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I don't, unfortunately, have the time right now to write another full post right this second. But, as my last post was so long and lacking any visual stimulis, I figure I owe you some pictures.

Zanzibar town (stone town) has a sea wall running around the coast. When tide is high in the evenings, all the local kids flock to the Ocean to jump off the sides!

Traditional dhow that the locals use to move about. This one is similar to the one we went on in Lamu. Note the outboard engine on the back - pretty standard fair in this day and age.
Maybe my favourite picture of one of the locals jumping in. We had the luxury of joining them one evening - very, very cool experience.

This is a group shot of Jess and I with the two German ladies we met in Kenya, as well as a street child we somehow adopted that day. From left to right: Lena, Judie, Me, Jess and friend. Hope these pictures tide you over until I have the time to be a little more thorough. I really do apologize for the pure size of the last one, and if I can I will try and be more frequent and less wordy. Pictures are a bonus if the computer can handle it. Thanks for reading... er, looking? Much Love,


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