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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Hope We Can Still Be Friends

There is no such thing as a clean break.  As soon as emotion and feeling come into play, there is absolutely no way to try to separate yourself cleanly - like velcro, with thousands of tiny hooks that stick in you where it hurts.  They tear and they rip as you pull them out, the split never as clean as you had wished.  Break ups are hard.

That said, I am not breaking up with you.  However, I will be going away for awhile.  This is hard for me.  I don't always show a lot of outward emotion, and that is probably the number one reason this blog is good for me, but I have gotten through the panic and excitement of the last couple weeks by trying not to think about the preparation as anything more than something to do.  Mindless tasks rarely elicit my panic response.

So I will make a request.  Let us, readers, not break up.  Let's keep in touch and be close.  I want to hear from you, I want comments, questions and ideas for things that I should try.  I will try and do things that will be interesting beyond me prattling on about how I feel.  I'll go for walks and take a camera.  I'll do challenges and I will take requests for topics.  There will be the standard updates, the routine pouring of my soul, but I encourage you to help me through this big transition in my life.  You guys lose me, but I lose everyone.

Commenting is easy; at the bottom of every blog there is an option to post a remark.  You don't need to sign in and can easily post as anonymous - but I hope everyone will leave their name after their message.  You can also reach me through email and let me know how you're doing.  I will take requests for postcards, but state up front that I'm not always great at staying on top of that kind of thing, and your date of receiving will be between now and next April (2013).  My email address is easy to find, and if you don't know it ask any of my close family or friends and I'm sure they'll send it on.

Everyone has been very supportive of me through this big period of transition, and I'd like to acknowledge how truly lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and family.  Mom and Dad, thank you for being willing to support me both emotionally and financially every step of they way, I could not have done this without your shoulders to lean on.  Jess and Kase, you are amazing and I expect to see you soon (bring Gryphon and Finny).  To all who came out for my goodbye party last Wednesday, I thank you, but am not sure all those shots count as friendship the day after.

If you have a google account feel free to subscribe via the little bar to the right of your screen.  Thank you everyone, I hope that through the coming year I give you something worth reading!

Lots of Love,




  1. Eat Noodles! And have noodle dreams!!
    love Jess

  2. You may think your loosing everyone but you will be gaining so much more. You will keep the friends you have and make more along the way.
    Also be careful, as you know already there are a lot of earthquakes out there.
    Have a great time and be safe.

  3. Seano
    Great post! Hooray for technology and being able to stay in touch! Can't wait to hear about your adventures. And send me your snail mail so I can send you a postcard too.
    Go Sean Go!
    -kb (guess guess!)

  4. Have a safe trip Sean. Couldn't be happier for you accomplishing your goal! Japan is a wonderful place, you will have a blast! I'd recommend giving Hong Kong a try while you are over there if you get any spare time for site seeing :)

    Look forward to hearing about your adventures when you return. Next time your in TO...give me at least 24 hours notice as opposed to a 1 hour warning while I am at work :P

    -J Parks

  5. This post is long overdue... I suppose I owe it to you to take a second to post and say thank you for all the good reads. I may not keep up with posting my comments and thanks, but count on me for at least one hit per blog post :P Thanks for sharing. Safe travels.