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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let's Have Some Fun

This isn't working like I had wanted it to.  I wanted to post a lot, and I didn't want it to be simple, mindless recounts of events, though I probably haven't even done enough of that.  Let's change things up a little bit.  On this, my 50th post, I will make a decree for change!

Let's make post size smaller, but periodicity much more frequent.  Let's have more input from the people reading this, tell me what you would like me to do - send me on a task to get a certain photo, visit a certain place or meet with certain people.  I am inviting any and all suggestions, serious or otherwise.  Make a request.

Either post a comment or send me an email to my full name  I will create a page of challenges, and then I will go about trying to make them happen.  Give me a little bit of purpose in my free time.  I feel like I have a lot of the latter, and too little of the former.

On my part, I'm going to try and post something every day, or as close to that as I possibly can.  Probably not full posts, although from time to time those will still occur.  Sometimes it will be really simple thoughts or maybe pieces of fiction and often just ideas.  I would like to expand the utility of my writing, and in that way perhaps make it something I can use with more versatility in the future.  Help me out and feed my addiction.  Ridiculous requests are ok, IF the goal is attainable without me breaking any major laws, or find me in a situation in which I morally will be unable to recover for many years.  No murder or prostitutes.    

Starting this Monday, the 7th of May, I will start posting frequently.  Please help me out.


1. Give me ideas, requests and challenges for things to do.

2. I will use my blog more frequently, and if there is a single dedicated reader out there (Hello Mom and Dad!), you will find yourself with a content overload!

Peace in the East,

Much Love,



Dear Sean, Whom I adore,  I think you should ________________.

- go here

- do this

- learn this

- meet someone like

- etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!


  1. Here is my Challenge to you!! Visit one of the 4 Cat Cafes in Nagoya!!

    Have a coffee, enjoy some cat love and I want pics of you snuggling a cat!! is that for getting up to all sorts of mischief!


  2. Above, stole my idea...


  3. You both have lots of ideas. I know this to be true!

  4. Are you ready Seaniel-son? I have great challenge for you...if you choose to accept.

    1. Visit the Italia Mura and explain to me why its called "italia" it italian themed...its near the port so is it safe to consider it the "jersey shore" of Nagoya?

    2. Apply for a job and hopefully have an interview with toyota at Midland square, the new international sales headquarters for the Toyota Motor Corporation or just spit off the observation desk.

    3. Purchase some "fine China" from Noritake factory and then point out to all around you that it should really be called "fine Japan".

    4. Visit the Tokugawa Art Museum and surrounding garden and see if they have a cafeteria...if so order a hamburger and arrange the burger into "an artistic" shape on your plate. Try to get the resulting burger art accepted into the musuem.

    5. Either attend or audition for a play at Nagoya Noh Theatre.

    6. Go to the Pachinko musuem and explain to them that you had hoped it would be a plinko(the stupid game from the price is right) musuem. Ask them if it is too late to switch or just figure out what Pachinko is.

    7. Get a photo of you at a bar watching an nhl playoff game.

    8. Have a few drinks and then go to the Koma (Spinning Tops) Museum. Dont get sick.

    9. Find or make poutine and then remember that its average.

    10. Go to shebandowan in august.

    If and when you go, I will send you a treasure hunt to accomplish! I'll need photographic evidence of each challenge :)

  6. go to an onsen in the dead of summer and report back. some salarymen students swear and declare it's great that time of year. i find this hard to fathom, so i think you're a fit detective to put on the case.